On a serious homie-promotion kick lately, but all of our friends are doing some incredible, incredible things.

These are some “new” songs from our dear friend Mat. Finally, for the first time, and a seriously long overdue amount of time, he has a full band. This is the product thus far.

If you’re trying to cry, or smile, or feel something, you should probably listen to this.




Portland, Oregon is a city known for its rich music scene and culture. Post-hardcore four-piece Carrion Spring only add to it with their latest release entitled Indiscretions//v.1, following stellar (highly recommended) releases from fellow Portland punk bands Duck. Little Brother,…

The ultimate homies. Portland poppin’ off this year. Glad to see some love for these dudes. Check this out if you haven’t.



Blue Friend is touring Japan with Duck. Little Brother, Duck! this month, and put together this sweet promo video. Check it out!

Miss these dudes and these songs so much already. Check them out if you haven’t. This performance is amazing, but does no justice to what we witnessed each night of tour with them. Yeah… That’s how good they were.

Tony took video and audio of them every night, so hopefully we should have some more videos of them up soon.