"High School Field Trip to Murder Island"

just saw this band play and it was inspiring as fuck. i really really love these guys, and every time i get to see them play i end up loving them even more.

you wanna know how good this band is? this is the song that they OPENED with. the first thing that they do, is THIS. then they keep continually one-upping themselves until your face has melted. you can not see this band play and leave with a non-melted face.

(also: i did some work mixing the audio from this video for tony and it sounds badass but i really wish i would have been able to bring out how BIG they sound live. in the room, it’s HUGE. so. effing. good.)

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dude, check out this band. seriously.

T.G. Atlas is easily one of the craziest bands I witnessed in Japan. We unfortunately did not get to play with them. I saw them when we traveled to a DIY fest (Ona Fes) in Fukushima after tour.

This song was somehow even more incredible live, than in this video. During that end part, the drummer stood up and shot everyone in the band and audience with cap guns. Everyone fell down.

They recently put out an album called Heartbeat. I can’t seem to locate their bandcamp (pretty sure they don’t have one), but I strongly suggest you do anything in your power to locate these songs.