Awesome Update #1

So! This summer from July 5th, until July 12th, We are going to be sharing our time with the lovely Octaves from Baltimore. These dudes are some pretty extreme buds, and we are really excited to have this opportunity. Some dates are still coming together, if you can help with any of them in bold, please contact us.

7/5 – Baltimore, MD
7/6 – Philadelphia, PA
7/7 – Danbury, CT
7/8 – Willimantic, CT
7/9 – Boston, MA
7/10 – Portland, ME
7/11 – Burlington, VT
7/12 – Montreal, QC
7/13 – Ottawa, ON?
7/14 – Toronto, ON
7/15 –Kalamazoo, MI
7/16 – Chicago, IL

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    Hey my band is playing Baltimore with you fine fellows! Can’t wait.
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    I was already stoked to be traveling with Duck this summer, this just makes things even better.
  3. srvvlstband said: maybe a columbus,oh show after chicago?
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